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Tirk Records released the first Pocket LP, “All Of This Happened” featuring all the Pocket singles plus bonus tracks!

1 – Someone To Run Away From (Feat. Craig Wedren)
2 – Hear In Noiseville (Feat. Steve Kilbey)
3 – Jars Of Fireflies (Feat. Tanya Donelly)
4 – Backwards From Ten (Feat. Danny Seim)
5 – Surround Him With Love (Feat. Robyn Hitchcock)
6 – Beautiful Gray (Feat. Dave Smalley)
7 – The Way You Love Someone (Feat. Peter Coyle)
8 – Sampo (Feat. Yuki Chikudate)
9 – A Force Of Nature (Feat. Mark Burgess)
10 – Echo and Sway (Feat. Sal Principato)
11 – Someone To Run Away From (Orchestral Reprise) (Feat. Craig Wedren)

Out now on Tirk Records.

Get it NOW on iTunes!

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